What does it cost to produce a commercial or video production?

A fair question.  However the answer is not that simple. The costs of creating a commercial or video production derive from many aspects: the script, the amount of shooting days, the size of the crew (varying from 2 to 15 people), required actors or background extras, equipment, possible location fees, voiceover recordings and buyout costs, pre-production, editing, animation, color grading, choice of music etc…

Each client and project is unique. Therefore we work with a custom made approach for each project. Just give us a ring +31 – 403682760 and we will help you with a price indication based on your briefing.

On our website we showcase some of our best productions. Our clients come from different industries like; education, healthcare, corporate industries, (semi-) government agencies and broadcasters. Because of our slogan “We are as good as our last production” we will always try our very best to make every production, either big or small, impressively effective. Guaranteed!


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