• Jeroen Veldkamp
    Jeroen Veldkamp Video Marketeer

    Video and audio create an experience. This can be very intense. A frown, goose bumps, surprise, anger, relief, satisfaction, a (loud) laugh. This is what we create. We love our job!

  • Edwin Huijben
    Edwin Huijben Director

    I love being able to express my creativity and being involved from the “beginning” (concept) to the “end”  (final check) of the production process. A film is definitely more than a few pretty pictures. Every film should tell a story. Film is emotion and I want to move people.

  • Kate Ubbink
    Kate Ubbink Producer

    The entire proces of creating a film, from concept development until the actual audiovisual endproduct, has inspired me ever since I was younger. Every production brings new challanges which enables me to be creative and do my best. I am very excited to share my knowledge and interest at Veldkamp Productions.

  • Monne Tuinhout
    Monne Tuinhout Producer

    As film producer I see the largest challenge in connecting people, techniques and ways of working. Visualizing which aspects within a production are of added value to the end result and then ensuring that the production value is as high as possible within the set frameworks. For me video production is bringing together multiple film disciplines within a project, as such to ensure the end results is above expectation. This is what I try to achieve with the Veldkamp Produkties team, but also with our network of freelance specialists.

  • Reza Herdiansyah
    Reza Herdiansyah Cameraman & Editor

    There is a lot to tell in a short video. In each project I try to capture those visuals which make texts redundant. That is thé power of video. Then the editing commences, one of my favorite parts in the video production process. Every cut influences the flow, the rhythm and the story of the film. With endless combinations and possibilities. And that is why my role as cameraman and editor is always a challenge ánd a party.

  • Hans Nellen
    Hans Nellen Motion Designer

    To me motion design is turning concepts and ideas into moving visuals. Everybody can have their own emotions and opinions about a film. My goal is to make the viewer feel the way I want them to feel after watching the film I created. Within Veldkamp Productions I get the chance to do this in many different ways, from motion design to colour grading. I’m proud to be part of this team!

  • Marianne de Proost
    Marianne de Proost Office manager

    I’m proud of all the beautiful productions we created. I shiver when I hear the first music tunes… and I’m touched by the images they make. As the office manager I keep a close eye on the daily business of Veldkamp Productions. I make sure the meetings are set and make sure that the administration doesn’t get in the way of the creative process.

  • Anouk Vermulst
    Anouk Vermulst MARKETING & SALES

    With a high interest for everything involved with video marketing, it is my task to spread the story of Veldkamp Produkties. With a passion for sales I approach potential customers and I try to convince businesses with the magic of video production. I fulfill this every day full of enthusiasm and good mood.

  • Fenna Deters
    Fenna Deters Production intern

    During my production internship I hope to get work on all aspects of video production. In addition, I hope to add value to the productions and concepts of beautiful videos which are touching. I will use my creativity and project skills acquired during my study Leisure Management to be of added value within the Veldkamp Produkties team.

  • Sofie van Nistelrooij
    Sofie van Nistelrooij Production intern

    The impact of visuals and sound is big. Visuals allow you to transfer your message to a large audience at once. Visuals bring emotion. They can enthuse, stimulate, inspire and so much more. I like to add my value to that. In this internship I hope to be a part of the entire production process, from concept to a beautiful end result. I hope to develop myself and to have fun at Veldkamp Produkties.

  • Jesse de Bree
    Jesse de Bree Creation intern

    Since my 15th I’ve been occupied with video. I found it interesting to do a AV-specialist study. This means I have to do an internship. My goals for this internship are improving myself with camera and lighting. I’ve gotten the opportunity to do an internship at Veldkamp Produkties. Veldkamp Produkties has a dedicated team, from which I will learn a lot.

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