Are you looking for an impressive and effective animation video?  An infographic, logo-animation, instruction or instruction animation? Contact us! Our team consists of passionate and creative people who will write thé best script for your animation video. Our own motion designers (if necessary complemented with the help of the best freelancers in the Netherlands) will bring the script to life. The audio postproduction is very important within animation video because good audio provides the total experience.

Below you can find a selection of our portfolio. You can see the variation of products. From relatively simple 2d infographics, to 3d animation and animations inserted into a video. Feel free to contact us when you have any questions. We are happy to help!

Did you know that in addition to animations we we produce commercials and product films as well. Would you like to explain your product or service? Then take a look at our instruction videos or educational films. Moreover, corporate films are a possibility as well. Or did you consider cinemagraphs: which are very useful for your website or social media channels. We also produce TV productions such as series, reports or documentaries.

Below you can find a selection from our portfolio of animation films. Please contact us for all your questions. We are happy to help!

Van Helden Relatiegeschenken

Client: Van Helden Relatiegeschenken Concept: through animation we have created a living creature (a pen) called Held. This pen represents all core values of Van Helden Relatiegeschenken. With a [...]


Client: Databalance services B.V. Goal: Emphasise the power of the Databalance cloud and showing how simple the various login portals work and what the possibilities are. Target group: SAP [...]

TU/e – Event Promo

Client: Eindhoven University of Technology Primary goal: Inform and enthuse the target group about the Dream & Dare Festival through an event promo Target group: Potential visitors of the Dream [...]

Philips Research

Client: Philips Research Concept: Celebrating the 100 year excistence of Philips Research by highlighting all the major steps via animation and voice over. Primair goal: informering, [...]

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