Cinemagraphs are photos with a minor and repeated movement, giving the illusion that the viewer is looking at a moving picture. Part of the subject in the picture is seen as a continuous movement, which, in contrast with the silence of the rest of the image, gives a very special effect. Given the rise of the moving image on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and the advance of screens in public spaces (eg bus shelters at bus stops) we expect in the coming years an enormous increase in this innovative media application.

Did you know that in addition to corporate films we we produce commercials and product films as well. Would you like to explain your product or service? Then take a look at our instruction videos or educational films. Moreover, animations and corporate films are a possibility as well. Or did you consider cinemagraphs: which are very useful for your website or social media channels. We also produce TV productions such as series, reports or documentaries.

Below are some cinemagraphs we made. Please contact us for all your questions. We like to help you!


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