Are you looking for an impressive and effective corporate film? Contact us! We have been producing divers corporate films since 1995. Varying from short and simple films like, aftermovies, product films, presentations of a board member, to international corporate moodfilms.

Below you find a selection of our portfolio. Feel free to contact us when you have any questions. We are happy to help!

Did you know that in addition to corporate films we we produce commercials and product films as well. Would you like to explain your product or service? Then take a look at our instruction videos or educational films. Moreover, animations are a possibility as well. Or did you consider cinemagraphs: which are very useful for your website or social media channels. We also produce TV productions such as series, reports or documentaries.

Below you can find a selection from our portfolio of corporate films. Please contact us for all your questions. We are happy to help!


Client: Sioux Goal: Showing that Sioux is a multidisciplinary, high-tech developer in superlative degree and high-tech OEMs are faster and help better in the development of dand delivery of a [...]

SPIE – A bright future

Primary goal: After seeing this video, the viewer is familiar with the vision and knowledge of SPIE. The viewer is curious to find out more about SPIE. Target group: Prospects and excisting [...]

Six Fingers

Client: Six Fingers Concept: 'Somebody, somewhere, solved your problem for different reasons in different circumstances'. Usage: During presentations and online on the website and social media [...]


Client: Campina/Nutrifeed Goal: positive profiling of Nutrifeed Target group: corporate market: distributors and end users Usage: during international seminars and sales talks, fairs, [...]


Client: Clipper Goal: Tell what Clipper is and bring more attention to the brand and their brand promise "selling together". Doelgroep: B-to-B resailers Hoe ingezet: Online on the website of [...]

Tilburg University

Client: Tilburg University Primary goal: To inform, inspire and enthuse the target group. Target Group: Potential (inter)national research and educational partners, sponsors, corporate [...]


Client: BrabantSport Concept: An emotional and dynamic trailer which shows 'sports' in Brabant. With as a thread that which BrabantSport stands for: supporting sports ambitions. Goal: Sparking [...]

The Lonville Watch Company

Client: The Lonville Watch Company Goal: To create brand awareness and to create a strong brand image using storytelling. Also a new brand identity is introduced: "What's your Lonville [...]

Gulf Craft Dubai

This video is produced in cooperation with YachtsXL. Client: YachtsXL Primary Goal: To inform and to enthuse Target Group: (potential) clients of Gulf Craft Usage: Online (Website of Gulf [...]

Working @ Tilburg University

Client: Tilburg University Goal: International profiling of the research climate at Tilburg University and the living environment of Tilburg in order to acquire international scientific [...]

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