Are you looking for someone who is able to make drone recordings or a drone video? Contact us! We have two officially registered and certified drones, for the creation of aerial shots for both business and commercial use. Our camera men are officially qualified as drone pilots and because of this, a combination can be made of recordings from the ground and from the air.

The possession of (our own) drones and the certification of our camera men as drone pilots have made the use of bird’s-eye view shots in videos a lot more accessible. Years ago, we hired a helicopter with a Wescam (gyro-stabilised camera system) for aerial shots, but now we can do this a lot easier with our drones.

Legislation for drones

In the past years, extensive legislation for the use of aerial shots has been implemented. This has created the regular question of where one is allowed to fly a drone. In the Netherlands, for instance, drones are not allowed to fly near airports or in close proximity to railways or roads. Additionally, the legislation for drones contains restrictions that do not allow drones to fly above people or in the middle of a city. It is therefore important to keep this in mind when you want to have a drone video produced. In rare situations, hiring a helicopter might be a better option, because in a lot of places drones are not allowed, whereas a helicopter is. In addition, the allowed maximum height of a drone is restricted.

On the other hand, with drones, perspectives can be created that cannot be done with helicopters, due to the minimum height a helicopter flies at. The development of drones has in fact resulted in the possibility of a new kind of bird’s-eye view: the height between the maximum crane (high tripod) and the view from a helicopter.

Having a drone video produced

The growing availability of drones, as well as their easy accessibility, have lead to a true hype. Luckily, this hype has now settled and not every video you see on your timeline is a drone video still. Of course, seeing a drone perspective was very special in the beginning, but now that it is seen so often, it is no longer considered new. That is why videos in which we use our drones with our drone pilots are not only impressive, but also effective. That combination has a lot of impact. Challenge us with your question for drone recordings; we like to think along with you.

Did you know that in addition to drone recordings and drone videos, we also produce commercials and product films? Would you like to explain your product or service? Take a look at our instruction films or educational films. Additionally, corporate films are included in the possibilities. Or how about cinemagraphs: excellently suited for your website or social media channels. We also develop television productions, such as television series, reports and documentaries.

Below, a demonstration video can be found of our drone recordings. You can see that the possibilities are endless. Do contact us with any of your questions; we are pleased to help you!

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