All the productions we make are commissioned. We have our own team of passionate people who are specialized in all the different aspects of making a production. From the directors who develop the concept, the producers who arrange and accompany the whole process from A to Z, the camera operators who capture everything, the editors who put the video together to the monitor designer and the audio post processor who provide the finishing touch.  We always work with clients who provide a framework. It is important for our team to be innovative and keep experiencing and experimenting with new techniques and storytelling. That is why we invest 20% of our time into ‘independent productions’. Productions we make from our own convictions and beliefs, or because the demand is appealing to us and the client has no budget.

These independent productions are only possibly because of the productions of commercials, corporate films, product films, instruction films, educational films, animations, cinemagraphs, and TV productions.

Below you can find a selection from our portfolio of these independent productions. Please contact us for all your questions. We are happy to help!

Official Opening SX

Client: none (own initiative) Primary goal: summarising the opening SX event for everyone present, but also for people who were not able to be there Target group: attendees, invitees, [...]

Making Of SX

Client: none (own initiative) Primary goal: summarising the SX route, inform Target group: SX residents, visitors, customers of SX residents, interested Usage: internet (websites of SX and SX [...]

Trailer End Polio Now

Client: in the battle against Polio we support the International Rotary organisation with various video productions for fundraising, publicity and awareness creation. Primary goal: inspire, [...]

Icy Beauty

For nature museum Brabant we produced icy beauth, focussed on nature lovers, photography lovers, and interested in climate changeVoor natuurmuseum Brabant maakten we de productie ijzige [...]

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