When using interactive video, interactive elements are being used in the video which offer the viewer different choices and adapts automatically. In this way your video production can be as effective as possible. Examples of the usage of interactive video can be:

  • An instruction video in which the viewer can immediately skip forward to the most important step for them.
  • A video with an main structure, in which the viewer can directly get through to the chapter which he is looking for.

An interactive video is not only profitable because of the choices the viewer has. The video can also be adapted to the individual wishes of the viewer. An interactive video stands out which leads to better conversion.

Dependent on your target group and the information you want to communicate, we will take a look at the possibilities of interactive video together. In this way we can make sure that different target groups will see different videos. The possibilities are endless.


Interactive video is measurable and can be considered as result-oriented. The behaviour of the viewer of the video is saved and can be reviewed real-time when statistics are being analysed. This gives insight in the performance of the interactive video.

Are you interested in the possibilities of interactive video? Please do contact us. We are happy to speak to you and to make a price offer tailored to you.

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