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Our expertise is telling stories through video productions. We can tell these stories in many different ways. Both governmental and corporate industries make use of educational films, which are an easy, fast and effective way to inform the target group. Besides, corporate industries choose to create instruction videos to make product usage easier for their consumers. Have you ever thought of an interactive video? With the use of an interactive video, the viewer can decide for themselves what they would like to see. Another creative way to tell a story is via cinemagraphs: a combination of a photo and a continuously moving aspect of the photo. A good example of a cinemagraph is for instance a photo of a waterfall, in which the water is the moving aspect of the photo. Would you like to create a television production like a documentary, a reportage or even a television series? We are also experienced in producing television productions. Last but not least, we love to create so called ‘independent productions’. These are videos that we produce because a certain theme or goal appeals to us even if there is no, or not enough, budget to produce the video. We are convinced of the importance of these videos.

As you can see there are quite a few ways to produce a video. Are you looking for a video for your company? Please contact us so we can talk about the possibilities of producing your video.

For more information about animation films, corporate films, commercials and product films we kindly refer you to our menu above.

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