• Client: Bert Plantagie
  • Concept: A-brand, responsible stylistic high-end mood films in which not the manufacturer itself (Bert Plantagie) but the elements (fire, earth, wind, water) destroy the furniture and the fifth element (‘The fifth element’) the ‘damage’ restores itself in a visually attractive way.
  • Primary goal: introduction of new Bert Plantagie furniture line via role-confirming video campaign as archetype ‘Outlaw’ in the furniture industry.
  • Target group: the ‘better’ retailer (in the high-middle segment, low top-level segment) and its consumers (30 – 65 years). In general existing and new customers, suppliers and interested.
  • Usage: at fairs in Milan, Köln and Amsterdam in ‘shop in sops’ of the better retailers of Europe, in the waiting lounge of the Bert Plantagie office and online (own website, social media). Stills from the video are used for printing purposes: brochures, wall decoration of stands and fairs and in a book with the Bert Plantagie collection.
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