The trailer above is from the documentary.

  • Concept: based on the original letters the life of father ‘Peerke’ Donders from Tilburg is told.
  • Primary goal: inspire, inform, enthuse
  • Usage: the documentary is broadcast by the KRO and available on DVD.
  • The initiative for this film was taken by Lout Donders, a far family member of Peerke Donders, who found foundation Jacques de Leeuw to be a financial partner. Entrepreneur Jacques de Leeuw has had a personal connection to Peerke Donders since his childhood. As co-producer Donders asked Jeroen Veldkamp of Veldkamp Produkties. Together with director Ellen van Kepen and editors Anne-Marie van Oosteren and Andr√© van Dongen this film has become a timeless document.
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