• Client: Philips, in cooperation with Triple Double
  • Concept: centennial moodfilm which shows the highlights of the 100-year alliance, based on both existing material as well as newly recorded scenes. The individual successes and the long-lasting cooperation are connected to show the innovative character and leadership of both parties.
  • Primary goal: enthuse for and connection with Philips and PSV and their rich history, as well as show trust and loyalty between Philips and PSV.
  • Target group: (inter)national businessman and consumers, Philips- and PSV e,mployees, PSV fans
  • Usage: 2013 was the year in which PSV Philips sponsored for the hundreth year. This centennial was largely celebrated by both parties with among others a new logo, but also with a film which shows the connection. The film premiered during the New Year’s reception at the Philips stadium.

The film reached second place in the race to the audience award “De Bonk” for marketing campaign of the year. The film was also shown at the Dutch Film Festival as one of the best principals of the year. Additionally the film won a Finalist Award at the New York Festival Best TV & Film.

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